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Dr. F feeling the chill of regret on Penny Dreadful.

Penny Dreadful


Oh my word it is phenomenal. The set. The costumes. The plot. The cast. The cinematography. Its the perfect show for literature buffs and horror fans alike. Its beautiful and minimalistic and terrifying. Its all you could ever ask for in a show. Its wit, horror, romance, drama. Its above and beyond my expectations and I have only seen two episodes. You should all watch it.

If I do reblog some penny dreadful and you don’t wish to see it you are welcome to blacklist “pd”

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Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray in Grand Guignol

i’m so not sorry for all these gifs, let’s say my hand just kinda… slipped

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At times it seems Caliban is only one musical number away from being Erik from The Phantom of the Opera

  • Rejected by society
  • Lives backstage in a theatre
  • Hides from people due to his facial disfigurement
  • Is in love with a young performer
  • She is sympathetic to him but has feelings for someone else
  • Lashes out violently when rejected
  • Eventually realises that it is not his appearance holding him back, but his soul


This was so hot

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Eva Green | Photographed by: Johan Sandberg